Up and running with React Native as a React developer

With React Native you can write apps using React for Android and iOS without learning native code with Swift and Java/Kotlin. This is a quick guide on where to begin learning React Native as a React developer.
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Aylin Gokalp
Up and running with React Native as a React developer

This is only a guide on how to learn React Native, not a training.

  • Carefully read the official documentation on how to setup the environment
  • Generate a React Native project and check it can run on both Android emulator and iOS simulator
  • Read through all the official documentation
  • Go through the Wix training
  • Create an app that utilises all that you have learned from the training
    • This can be overwhelming at first, you could either create the simplest app possible:
    • Or create multiple apps that only demonstrates one feature of React Native at a time

Use Github smartly, commit and test your code often

The training uses specific libraries that are not always the most popular ones:

Eventually you should learn to create and manage an app from scratch, but it can be less frustrating and more fun to start out with Expo. Expo provides more tools to speed up your development with React Native so that you can concentrate on developing right away.